Linfield Free Press

Public Web-Hosting

LFP provides free hosting to the Linfield community, up to 100MB per site for individuals, or 1GB for groups. If you write articles or share media as a journalist, you'll get 10 times more storage (1GB). Learning some HTML will help, but it's not required. LFP is happy to assist beginners, especially if you're migrating from another platform, like Medium, Tumblr, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

Getting Started

Sign up for Gitlab and request access to LFP's repository. Read some tips for making a website. That article links to free templates and other resources for learning HTML.

The recommended approach is to have an index.html page inside your folder, so people can visit your folder's homepage with a shorter link, like this:

sites/cale-byers/ (index.html is implied)

From there, you can create whatever page names you'd like, and they'll be after your folder, like this, but with .html at the end:


You could even upload photos, music, documents, or other small files. Videos should be embedded with YouTube, Vimeo, or another service.


Professors can share their course materials, homework assignments, and other files online, avoiding Blackboard's slow software. Clubs or other organizations can use announcement pages to easily communicate scheduling, events, or whatever else.

If you have any questions, ask for help, or browse the web.

Content Guidelines

We have a few expectations, but we're very liberal in the types of content/ideas that can be shared. LPF may remove certain content if necessary, but we will fight for your rights as much as possible before caving to legal pressure. Please be aware that Linfield regulates student behavior in their college policies; be mindful of their rules when sharing content or expressing your views, as you are still subject to their authority, whether online or off-campus.

You are solely responsible for any and all information, literature, software, works of art, or any other materials ("Content") you make available using the Services.

You may not upload, publish, or otherwise use the Services to make available any Content that:
    violates the laws of the United States of America; or
    you are contractually prohibited from distributing; or
    is tortious under the laws of the United States of America; or
    your distribution of which infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others; or
    you otherwise do not have the legal right to distribute.

Our Terms

The LFP has additional terms to help run the site smoothly.

  • Don't defame or dox people, and do not violate others' privacy. Under Oregon law, it is not defamatory to make a true statement. We encourage people to share whatever they want, but please understand that others may attempt to sue you. However, if you do not violate the laws, you are free to say many things. You are legally allowed to expose rapists, and Linfield is prohibited from stopping you, even through terms of a no-contact order. If Linfield tells you that you can't talk about your assault, they are lying and potentially breaking the law.
  • Don't upload large files, attempt to use our site as a file-storage system, or consume extensive bandwidth. You are given 100MB for free (or 1GB if you join as a journalist), which should cover most sites. You may not share storage with others on the platform. If you're only using 20MB, it's not acceptable to store 80MB for someone else. All uploaded materials are expected to be public and should be accessible to visitors. Encrypted files are not permitted at this time, unless the password is made publicly available and is easily accessible. If you need to upload large files or exceed the 100GB cap, you pay $1 per gigabyte per month, which is the direct cost from our host. We do'nt profit by charging for storage. Anyone who contributes articles or media as a journalist will be given 1GB of free storage.
  • Advertisements may not be hosted on our domain, and you may not load advertisements from external domains. Affiliate links for Amazon products are specifically banned. No advertisements are permitted, and LFP doesn't engage in advertising, either. We rely on donations for funding.
  • Notify visitors if your webpage analyzes their behavior (mouse movement, device data, etc), runs coin-mining software, or does anything else unexpected. Don't trick people; informed consent is required. However, it's a lot simpler if you don't attempt to collect information in the first place.
  • PHP code must be sandboxed in your directory. You may not access files that don't belong to you, and PHP code will be reviewed for possible security issues. For the time being, you're limited to very basic functions, such as:
    • displaying a photo, mp3, or other file
    • making a contact form
    • generating PDFs, images, or audio