Susty Wildflower


Bonjour tout le monde!
J’ai arrivé en Aix hier matin sans mon valise~ I arrived in Aix yesterday morning without my luggage. But that is okay! My host mom is letting me borrow clothes until the airline sends me my luggage (hopefully sooner rather than later).

It is so lovely here, and I haven’t even begun to explore the town yet. This morning, my host family brought me to a flea market. We spent a few hours looking around, and luckily I didn’t have any change in euros, so I couldn’t buy all of the adorable things that I fell in love with.

Maintenant, il est seize heure quinze~ right now, it is 2:15pm. It is naptime for the 3-year old, Mia, which means it is naptime for everybody, including the cats- which is much appreciated with the jet lag.

Mia is my host mother’s granddaughter, who is only going to be here for a week. I wish she were her the whole time, because she has already taught me so much French! She speaks better than I do, and is always asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to. She is fascinated with all of my stuff. I taught her how to play guitar, paint with watercolors, and take pictures on my Nikon. She is so hungry to learn and so smart at such a young age.

It is quite difficult not knowing the language completely, but I am using what I know to keep up in conversations. I already feel like I have improved since arriving! I can see why immersion is such a valuable way to learn a language.

I have had a lot of free time so far, since pre-orientation doesn’t begin until tomorrow. I have been painting and writing often, and listening to French podcasts and watching videos en français. Je veux parler couramment bientôt- I want to speak fluently soon!

Much love to all of you!