Cale Byers

Making your own website is pretty cool. You can share music, like this Bach piano piece performed by Shelley Katz.

No social media company can delete your content or suppress your voice. Instagram deleted some of my photos for showing "female nipples," so I need a platform that isn't censored. Here's a nude photo:

click to view nude nude black and white of woman lying on back, showing from thigh up to lower abdomen.

You can't run Javascript or PHP code on social media anymore (RIP MySpace), but on this page a <canvas> element runs a cool animation by Elton Kamami.

About me

I'm a former Linfield student, and there I worked at Starbucks, and learned to sing and play piano. I studied math, history, and Spanish, and I ended up selecting math as my major, transferring to PSU, where I am finishing college for free. I make websites, take lots of photos, and try to eat plants instead of animals. Some of my interests are digital privacy/security, cooking, and hiking.


You can visit my personal website's About Page for other links and details.

Here's a picture of my friend Paul:

black and white portrait of shirtless male wearing sunglasses and blowing a bubble with gum.

Photography Club

Warning! Never develop your analog film at Walgreen's or other labs that throw away negatives. Always ask if you get your film back, because some labs give you a CD instead of your film.

Links to Explore

Linfield's Catalist program helps students find freelance work. Contact if you want to join their directory.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine is a wonderful store in Portland that sells everything you could ever need for film photography. They also develop film and offer optical prints. Development costs are cheap, but scanning or printing your film is fairly expensive.

PhotoVision is a film lab in Salem that provides digital prints. Prints here are more affordable than Blue Moon, but their development costs are higher.

The Shutterbug is a Portland camera store that offers very cheap film development. If you want prints and digital scans, their cost for 36 exposure color film is the same as PhotoVision. For smaller rolls, or without digital files, they are the cheapest. However, they don't process E-6 color slide film, so Blue Moon is the place for E-6, old film, or other strange formats.