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Sexual Violence Reporting Project

We empower survivors of sexual violence by connecting them with others and coordinating action. We offer legal support and public exposure of rapists. This project helps identify repeat offenders at residential colleges.

Current stats (September 19, 2020):
1 repeat offender out of 14 reported stories. Their initials are: MP, CH, RP, MH, BO, WS, MD, MR, JE, CA, TT, and AH.

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If you share on behalf of a friend, please respect their privacy and keep them anonymous to us, unless they want to be named.

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know if others report the same offender

connect with others who report the same offender

work with other survivors to press charges against a repeat offender

file a lawsuit if your institution has a history of protecting repeat offenders

About this project

The nature of residential colleges enables sexual violence, and educational institutions are not in a position to handle criminal prosecution. They try to contain investigations and keep students from going to the police, enabling dangerous students to remain on-campus with no-contact orders or other ineffective measures.

It is the role of the State to prosecute criminals, and we need a solution that lies outside of the academic structure. Often, administrators protect their institution rather than their students, and we can change this by turning to the police. Sexual crimes often involve little evidence, so the testimony of multiple victims is critical to prosecution. We need a system for connecting people assaulted by the same person, so they can decide what they want to do.

Anyone is welcome to share their stories, including high schoolers and other demographics, but please try to communicate the location and institution, so we can sort data more efficiently. You don't have to be a Linfield student. Anyone from any college can use this website. We will produce a social graph that reflects how repeat offenders are able to remain on-campus and continue to hurt others. The information collected will not be made publicly available. Derivative works, such as a social graph, may be published, but only by removing personal information.

Identifying repeat offenders can enable a successful lawsuit, so you aren't alone in the fight for justice. We are former students of a college in Oregon, and we wish this was available during our time in school. We will do our best to help you, and your privacy will be respected.

In Oregon, you have up to 12 years to press charges, so do not worry if your assault happened several years ago. Even if your story is older than 12 years, you are encouraged to share. The statute of limitations for your state can be located on RAINN's website.

Anonymous or incomplete reports are okay, but we can't follow-up without an email. As this project evolves, we will adjust our approach. For now, this is a period of data collection and analysis, which will inform our next steps. If you have a specific need, please ask.

Privacy Information

Your story is processed by Google Forms and converted to a spreadsheet, which is the best solution for cost, reliability, and security. This website was built in two days, rather than two months, and Google can block hacking attempts far better than something we could build and deploy. The site is hosted with Netlify, and we don't collect information about visitors or site traffic. The only information we obtain is what you voluntarily provide in the form.