Linfield Free Press


The Linfield Free Press is a student-run journalism and web-hosting platform, enabling others to easily share content online, without setting up a website or buying a domain. We function as an online newspaper, giving everyone a place to publish. Start a blog, provide information about different college organizations and resources, or cover local news. Stories are organized by sections, and hosted sites are navigable in a public directory.

LFP prioritizes matters of student life, education, and things happening in McMinnville, but this can change as we expand. Students have freedom to publish whatever they choose, but this freedom may constrained by laws or terms of service. See our web-hosting info page for details.


We maintain a list of supporters and appreciate your financial contributions, which are very important to our sustainability. Other ways to help include writing articles (opinions welcome), submitting tips or ideas, and letting others know about our site.

Web design

This site is hand-written by Cale Byers, and a static site generator is probably on the roadmap once there's more content to manage. The site uses Barba JS to make pages load faster, but LFP is completely usable without Javascript. The menu is based on the <details> element, which requires no scripting. Our site is hosted with Netlify, and the source code is synced with Gitlab.

The Linfield Free Press was started by Dave Nagaji and Cale Byers.