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State of Oregon vs Riley Grider - 19CR74909

Published by Cale Byers on .

Earlier this morning, LFP received court documents for a case involving Riley Grider, a former Linfield student, who is accused of raping, sodomizing, and assaulting B.R.H, another student.

You may download the entire ZIP file for 19CR74909, or view specific files in our Gitlab directory. I read The Linfield Review's article about this case, but their journalists chose not to name Riley, because The Review supposedly never identifies alleged perpetrators if they haven’t been found guilty in a court of law.

However, they had no problem identifying Diego Garza back in 2014, when I was a freshman at Linfield.

I see no reason to protect his name, regardless of his guilt or innocence. These documents belong in the public record. He has been charged by the State of Oregon with multiple felonies. Why should we hide his name?

Riley's address and phone number are available in the documents, but there's no reason for me to publish them in this article. That is an appropriate reservation, because such information is regarded as private. However, these are his social media profiles, which are already publicly available:

I'm only linking to these public profiles, so people can put a face to his name. Please do not harass him or send death threats.

If you would like to stay updated, the progress of court cases can be monitored with the Oregon Judicial Department's Online Search. Paste the case number, 19CR74909, and you'll be able to view important events and times.