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Blogging on Medium vs LFP

Published by Cale Byers on . Updated .

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LFP's minimalist platform is great for a blog, portfolio, or other projects, including some basic PHP functions. By contrast, Medium is slow and requires far more bandwidth, and you can't customize pages' apperance or execute code. A typical Medium post, without any photos, requires about 650KB of code to display only text. Seven network requests are made, taking about 2.4 seconds to finish loading a page. Without an ad-blocker, between 28-50 network requests are made, even for a post without photos. By comparison, the LFP only makes three requests, for a total size of about 10KB, using 65 times less data. Pages load in about one second, roughly 2 or 5 times faster than Medium.

Additionally, there are no advertisements, cookies, login pop-ups, share-buttons, or fixed menu bars. Our minimalist site respects your screen space, letting you read articles and share them freely.

When you publish on LFP, you'll have an excellent platform that encrypts traffic, protecting visitors. We compress files to deliver the fastest possible experience.

For now, we offer 100MB of free storage, which is enough for hundreds, even thousands of blog posts. This article is only 4KB, so a 100MB folder would contain about 25,000 posts of similar size. If you write articles or share photos as a journalist, you get 10 times more storage (1GB), enough for 250,000 posts! View other hosted sites to see what's possible, and contact us to get started!